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  1. S2E06 - A Stitch in Crime

    leonard nimoy!!
    theres a nurse who talks very fast and is great

  2. S1E08 - A Blueprint for Murder

    first horse sighting
    multiple excellent lines:
    you're very much like an arachnid
    we could've used you at the alamo you've got guts
    the omnipresent constable

  3. S2E05 - Requiem for a Fallen Star

    lots of self referential stuff about the tv industry.
    edith head shows up? tries to change columbo's outfit
    also has lil carts

  4. S1E07 - Short Fuse

    the lil carts, i like the villain a lot

  5. S1E06 - Lady in Waiting

    got steve martin in it

  6. S2E02 - The Greenhouse Jungle

    ok i do like the new detective a lil bit, it fully emphasizes how columbo is his own thing and that the cops are just as useless in this universe

  7. S2E08 - Double Shock

    The twins gambit is fun.
    columbo does an arms crossy thing in the theater thats very funny to me.

  8. S2E01 - Etude in Black

    don't like the thing they do in s2 where they preview stuff that happens later

  9. S2E03 - The Most Crucial Game

    lol establishing shot on the los angeles MEMORIAL coliseum with spooky music
    using an ice cube as a weapon is great, but doesn't come up much in the ep

  10. S2E07 - Most Dangerous Match

  11. S3E01 - Lovely but Lethal

    theres still poison oak in california..

  12. S1E01 - Ransom for a Dead Man

  13. S1E00 - Prescription Murder

  14. S2E04 - The Dagger of the Mind

    the british episode! its okay

  15. S1E02 - Murder by the Book

    the villain isn't charismatic enough, he's just an asshole

  16. S1E03 - Death Lends a Hand

  17. S1E04 - Dead Weight

    too much military deference

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